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Dental Membership Plan

We want to make your dental treatment predictable and affordable, without any compromise to the quality of care delivered. Because we can't accept dental insurance, we have created a subscription-based dental membership plan to bridge the gap for uninsured or poorly insured dental patients; unfortunately in PR, all dental insurance companies, regardless of your plan, do not cover high-quality, comprehensive care. If you'd like, you can work with us to find a personalized plan that is right for you, and pay a monthly or annual fee to receive comprehensive preventive care and discounts towards any other treatment you may need. Essentially, the plan functions much like dental insurance plans, but cuts out the middle man and ensures the patient gets the highest quality care. 


Important to note: it is not required for you to sign up for a membership plan in order to be a patient at our practice; this is merely an additional option that we are offering our community to increase access to quality care. 

This plan was created with patients in mind. The membership plan is simple, affordable, and offered directly from our practice. There are no deductibles, waiting periods, annual maximums, or denials of claims/pre-approvals. There are no limits or caps and benefits start immediately; we offer more benefits than most traditional dental insurance plans, making it a great option for people who understand the importance of receiving quality dental care. Best of all, you can access your account right from your phone making sign-up and managing your plan a breeze. 

Choose Your Plan

SAVE $256 annually

SAVE $277 annually

SAVE $333 annually

Upon signing up, you will be contacted by our team within 24 hrs to schedule your first visit. 

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