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Dr.Beth Rrosellini

Dr. Beth Rosellini

Family Dentist, Integrative Health Practitioner, Clinical Researcher

  • Fourth-generation dentist

  • Honors graduate of Univeristy of Texas at Austin with BA in Chemistry and Mathematics

  • Graduate of Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry with Doctorate in Dental Surgery

  • Accredited provider from the International Academy of Oral Medicine in Toxicology

  • VP of Research & international lecturer at by OrthoTain

  • Candidate for certification by the Institute of Functional Medicine

A Bit About Me

I am motivated to help each of my patients to have a positive experience in my office and with my team and me. A big part of that is taking the time to evaluate comprehensively a patient's history and current oral and whole-body health and to discuss not only WHAT may be suboptimal and HOW to fix it, but more importantly, WHY there has been or currently IS dental disease and how we can prevent that in the future. This is part of the reason why I gravitated towards treating children, because I wanted to intercept as early as possible to educate families on best practices for preventive care, to maintain their good oral health, and to contribute to a positive outlook on their health and their doctor. This motivation is also what has driven my passion for research and education; I feel compelled to challenge what we consider the standard of care to help improve outcomes for patients, and I feel it's important to share those findings on that frontier with my colleagues in the form of teaching courses, publishing papers, and collaborating with those who share these same core values. 

Also in my career, I've taken care of countless adult patients who respond after our initial visit with a "Wow! No dentist has ever talked to me about that." With each patient, we prioritize disease control preliminarily (ie. we treat and stabilize gum disease, cavities, broken teeth, etc), but after that phase, it is critically important that we discover the root causes of those conditions. Dental disease is preventable. If you've had cavities and fillings that are diagnosed and placed throughout your whole life, then that tells me not that you're "genetically predisposed to decay", it tells me that you and your previous doctor didn't figure out the root cause of this chronic condition, and thus, you are not equipped to prevent it moving forward. Things like nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, stress, habits, environmental conditions, and lifestyle all have MAJOR influences on your whole-body health, and as a consequence, your oral health. So if you are looking for a quickie cleaning and a drill-and-fill experience, then I'm not the doctor for you. But if you aspire to have optimal health that can be maintained for a lifetime, then I want to partner with you on your journey towards longevity. 

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