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What We Offer

Our priority is to deliver the highest quality, most comprehensive care to our patient families. We are consistently engaging in continuing education to be on the forefront of technology and research to ensure we offer our patients the information and treatment they need to optimize their dental and whole-body health. We aim to be the leading experts in the services we do provide, and we collaborate with select specialists to support patient needs that exceed our offerings and/or would best be supported by a well-rounded team of providers.

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1    |    Diagnostics, Education, & Prevention

Maintaining you happiest and healthiest smile can be easy, and it is our goal for all of our patients via routine check ups, dental cleanings, and education that is personalized to each patient's individual needs and goals. In the presence of chronic or acute dysfunction and/or symptoms, we do a deep dive on all potential factors that could be impacting your oral health including but not limited to nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, habits, medical history, genetic predisposition, and environmental factors. 

2   |    Pediatrics

Part of creating a healthy smile for a lifetime is establishing a foundation of good habits and a trusting relationship between the patient and care team. This is why we prioritize pediatric care so that we can educate and support parents and help children learn how to take care of themselves to keep them smiling bright. Learn more about what you can be doing at home in order to prepare your child for their first visit with our team (Babies & Toddlers, Big Kids, Teens). And then follow our blog for helpful tips related to prevention and at-home care to set your child up for success. 

3    |    Orthodontics

A major component of achieving longevity with your smile is having healthy occlusion. We want you to maintain your teeth for 100+ years without the stress or pain of cracked or broken teeth, gum infections, or cavities, while also having an esthetically pleasing smile of which you are proud to share with the world. We utilize the most advanced technologies to deliver the best clinical outcome via the most hygienic, comfortable, and fastest way possible. We treat patients as young as 2 years old to ensure myofunctional balance and proper growth and development to prepare to guide permanent teeth into proper alignment and prevent malocclusion; we treat teenagers who may experience challenges with compliance and hygiene during the course of therapy; and we can treat adults who have never been treated and/or have relapsed orthodontic problems after previously being treated in their younger years. 

4    |    Sleep & Breathing

In the past 15 years, a new area of study in the field of oral health has been the link between breathing, sleep, and dental and whole-body health. We take a different approach from most traditional dentists in that we don't want to continuously "fix" the same problems over and over again; for example, if you are an adult that continues to have new cavities diagnosed at each of your dental visits, then it is likely that you and your doctor have not discovered nor addressed the root causes of that disease. A big culprit to chronic dental disease is dysfunctional sleep and/or breathing. As part of each of our new patient exams, we analyze sleep and breathing to confirm if there is dysfunction that could interfere with your ability to reduce or resolve chronic inflammation. And for those who demonstrate the signs and symptoms of sleep or breathing disorders, we provide complimentary home sleep tests to screen patients for more advanced clinical conditions that could be impacting their health. With that additional data, we are better equipped to help patients identify over-the-counter or prescription therapeutics to improve their condition. 

5    |    Cosmetics

There are many variables that impact the esthetics of a patient's smile: the shade, shape, and alignment of the teeth; periodontal health and position; soft tissue posture and hard tissue alignment. We aim to educate patients on all of the viable options to achieve  their most beautiful smiles possible while balancing that with the risk/benefit analysis of what will provide stable results at not detriment to their overall health. 

6    |    Restorations (ie. crowns & fillings)

Let’s be real, we understand that no one wants to get a filling or a crown. And honestly, we would like to avoid our patients needing these treatments as well, because that means they have a healthy and stable smile. But depending on where you are in your health journey, these procedures are necessary, and so we aim to create an environment that is comfortable and stress-free; we use the most biocompatible materials and the best labs to ensure these procedures last a lifetime. And then as we stabilize these acute conditions, we work with our patients to understand why they presented with this dental disease to create a plan moving forward so that this doesn’t happen again in the future.

7    |    Periodontics & Dental Cleanings

Proper dental hygiene ensures your gums and bone are stable, your breathe smells good, and your teeth are bright and healthy. There is a lot more to our dental hygiene and perio program than your typical 6 month cleaning. We review your at-home products to make sure they align with your individual goals; we discuss your nutrition and supplementation to protect against dental disease; we review sleep, breathing, and other oral habits to make sure you are not at risk for chronic inflammation; and on occasion, we order advanced diagnostics such as blood work, saliva testing, oxygen saturation testing, and/or collaborative analysis with other parts of your care team to establish a care plan that works for your routine and aligns with your longterm health goals. 

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